She is the sunshine of my life

I am already married. I met my girl on a Japan singles website where we got in touch with each other. We loved each other’s company and spent hours talking to each other. We shared each and every moment of our life. I was a Korean guy and Livina was from Japan. She was a sweet girl and a very intelligent one in fact. I always wanted my partner to guide me in my life. And this is how my wife is. She is a smart girl with good sense of living. I like to stay with her as she is the love of my life.

How I got my soul-mate?

After we decided to meet, we were successful enough to impress each other. After being in a serious relationship for more than 6 months we decided to get married. We knew our relationship was inseparable. She seemed like sunshine of my life and my life started to take turns. I really loved her positive attitude towards life, which made me choose her as my life partner. She came down to Korea, and met my parents. Soon we got married, and now I am living a contended life, and truing my best to keep my darling happy. I never knew I could meet my soul mate on a Japan singles website.

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Having a successful married life

I had accounts in several online dating sites. I was a person, who was not really interested in a serious relationship. But I never knew I would find my soul mate among the millions of Japan singles online. I saw her on the online Japan singles website and got really attracted towards her. She was a cute looking girl who made my heart pounce. I sent her several mails, and soon we became friends. I started dating her. We frequently spoke to each other and exchanged a lot of mails. She was the kind of girl that I always wanted. I wanted to fall in a serious relationship with her. I wanted to settle down with her for a lifetime.

She sparked my life

My girl used to show a lot of concern at times. We shared a lot of humour and that made me really excited. We wanted to see each other in person, and understand the way we live. Knowing each other was very important at that moment, since we were in deep love. I wanted to propose her for marriage. There was a language and a cultural barrier between us, and i wanted to clear this out. I never knew I could find my angle through a Japan singles website

She accepted my proposal

I could see a love of love for me in her eyes, but still I hesitated to tell her .I took her for a candle light dinner, and expressed by feeling. She accepted my proposal, and then our families met. Yes we had to face a lot of problems, as she was from Japan and I lived in France. She was ready to settle down in France with my family. Our families too met and were happy enough with the decision. We were getting married, and it was probably the happiest moment of your lives.

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Destiny helped us to meet each other

I have a strong bonding with my wife and I love her a lot. We met on a Japanese dating site and started dating each other. This was a site where we could indulge into dating Japan singles. It started with a simple internet conversation on this site and then I got attracted to Avril. She was a cute Japanese girl with short height and a pretty face. I never believed in dating someone online, but then that day was a memorable one. I became friends with Avril on the dating site and soon we started exchanging mails. We used to send our recent photos and also shared the music we loved. We became good friends and that was really a nice start. I got attracted to her beauty and her cuteness. I wanted to tell her that I am falling for her, but then I was unsure about her feelings.

She was an angle walking into my life

We were still deciding to meet. I wanted to be sure before moving ahead into the relationship. I was in Australia at that time, and she was in Japan. I decided to go to Japan. I was praying to god, that the trip should not turn out to be wasted of time. We met each other at the decided venue. Avril was truly an angle. She came in a black gown, and walked directly into my heart. It pounced for her. I wanted to hold her tight, and tell her, that yes, you were the one I was searching for. We then spent hours together. I was in Japan for more than 2 weeks. That was a memorable trip was quiet sure that I liked her. I never knew that visiting a Japan singles website could help me find Avril.

The love was getting magical

I came back to Australia, and realised that we were inseparable. We were on the camera for hours together. Our relationship did not require any proposal because our hearts convened our feelings to each other. Still, being a gentle man, I wanted to propose to her official. We decided to meet the second time. She was coming down to Australia this. It was 5 months since we got introduced to each other. I did not want to waste a single day any more. We went over a dinner, and I proposed to her with a special cake of her choice. She was really happy. I could see my world in her eyes. I was really happy to have her. God gave me a change to choose her among the millions of Japan singles. The dating site helped me a lot to find my angel.

Marriage was our destiny

Soon our families met. Since there was a cultural and language barrier, some problems were natural to occur. But then our love for each other, proved all wrong. We got engaged to each other, and soon we were into a serious relationship. We got married to each other after a period of six months. It was a very special journey of love, where I found my Avril on the way. I found my lovely mate through a Japanese sex chat.

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And we got married to each other

I had been a member of various Japan singles website, but saw no success for weeks. Then suddenly that day, I received a chat invitation from Adrenia. She was a chute Japanese girl, who had a pretty face. I was sure enough that I wanted to be friends with her. We started our conversation. For a week or two it continued on the Japan singles site. Then we decided to see each other over the camera. It was a moment of utter excitement. We had a very good chemistry. Though we started talking as friends, but eventually realised that there was a spark between us, that kept on ticking us, that we could make a wonderful coupled.

I soon took my way to Japan

Though being a busy person, I had all the time for her. I loved to see her on camera for hours together. I was so dependent on her sweet talks. I started liking her deeply. We were all set for our first meet. I never thought I could fly far to Japan, just to meet her. I was there at Japan airport, and she was there to receive me. I met her. I saw her. She was like a spring flower that needed much care and love. She was a sweet girl. I was sure that my heart was pounding for her. We both knew our chemistry would work. We went around Japan, and tried to spend most of the time with each other. That was the best holiday, which i could ever enjoy in my lifetime. I was looking for a change to tell her, how much I liked her. And shortly I got one. We went to a waterfall viewpoint, and without wasting much of time, i proposed to her for marriage. I could see the happiness on her face, and love in her eyes.

We had a great future ahead

Who knew that a Japan singles website, could help me meet my soul mate. She was the one, whom i ever wanted in my life. We were now a couple. We were so in love with one other. Love could not be planned, it just happens, without your realization. I was still in Japan. I met Adrenia’s parents, and tried to discover her culture, and also got familiar with her friends group. I could see a great future ahead, for both of us.

Marriage for the beginning to a new life

She too came down to my country, and my parents loved her too. She was a sweet girl, and knew well, how to fill the cultural and the language barrier, that could hinder our relationship. We could see the changes in our lives, after being together. That was a lovely beginning, and we never wanted it to end. We soon decided to marry each other, and veer since then, we could see our blooming future with each other. We applied for the marriage certificate, and soon we were a married couple. This was what Japan singles gave us. We are thankful to god, for helping us meet each other.ggk

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